Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm Thankful for My Bunny

This Thanksgiving we had my sister-in-law’s family and all of our kids, including son-in-law and grandkids, over for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a very special time after dinner when we were able to express to one another thanksgiving and appreciation for family members and the role they have played in each other’s lives. The Thanksgiving holiday was particularly special for me as two of my nieces, Maddie and Sydni from Palm Springs, wanted me to baptize them in our Jacuzzi. What a special family memory that was. The thanksgiving sharing was probably the most deep and meaningful we have ever shared around our dinner table. For some reason this year it was especially heartfelt and real.

This particular Thanksgiving my wife and I privately carried a heaviness over some challenges our family is facing right now. Every family has those things they must bear at one time or another. It is just part of life on this planet, I believe. The concerns are shared with a trusted handful and they are given up to God as burdens that we need to “bear” for a season. We usually aren’t grateful for these things we just kind of endure.

But my four-year-old granddaughter, Ellie, who has been my teacher in the past, once again instructed me this Thanksgiving. As we were sharing what we were thankful for she blurted out, “I’m thankful for my bunny.” I thought to myself, “Did I miss something? Did I not get the memo? Did they get a new pet rabbit that grandpa doesn’t know about?”

No they didn’t. She is living in trustful anticipation, as they have been planning for, saving for, praying for, and preparing for the arrival of this new pet rabbit. She was already thankful for something before she received it or realized the fulfillment of her heart’s desire. Now this relates to the burdens we are carrying right now. As my granddaughter has modeled for us, I can learn to thank God in advance for what I am asking Him to do for us. That is the childlike faith that Jesus wants us to have towards our Heavenly Father. That is living in confident gratitude BEFORE the answer is ever seen! Thank you, Ellie, for this lesson. I, too, am thankful for your bunny but more than that, for your timely lesson to me!

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Funny story!