Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Seattle Father-Daughter Summit Reflections

“I got to see that my Dad isn’t that bad.” – 16 year-old daughter
“Now I have a better relationship with my daddy.” - 11 year-old daughter
“Me and my Dad can do anything if we take one step at a time.” - 15 year-old daughter

This is just a little sampling of what the daughters felt about their dads after the Seattle Father-Daughter Summit this past Saturday. Each of the first two years we had 25 pairs show up. Now in our third year our number jumped to 55 pairs.

For me it was a huge blessing to be able to lead our team and to emcee the event with my two daughters, Heidi and Holly. The Seattle team that is now assembled in my mind is made up of a group of All-Stars. Rick and Kelsey Johnson of Better Dads, Marvin & Jeanett of DADS are excellent presenters. Dave Irish did a great job with worship and special music and we have solid small group leaders in Heidi, Holly, Terome and Ronda Fulmore and Jean Lewis. Will Hughes provided much needed technological support. Steve Hall served as our prayer coordinator, helping under gird this whole event in prayer.

It is my hope we can keep this team together and correct the “glitches” that occurred this year and build the event into a more effective instrument in God’s hands to connect the hearts of fathers and daughters.

The thing I rejoice in, in addition to seeing what happened with the dads and daughters, is how this event was able to bring different ethnic groups together. That was the dream that Marvin Charles and I had in November of 2006 when we met in Kansas City for a National Center for Fathering event for fatherhood advocates. Soon after that event Marvin and I formed a Bible study group and this event is another practical step in co-laboring more closely together.

Who knows…we may next look into what we can do for fathers and sons. Stay tuned.


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Lucy said...

So blessed by this great report. As I know were the dads and daughters who joined you last Saturday.

My best,

Lucy Bloom