Monday, November 10, 2008

The Importance of Friends for the Family Journey

Last week my wife Cindy and I joined the Barshaw family up at Sunset Beach, Oahu to celebrate the 60th birthday of Nita Barshaw. All of their family, kids, grandkids were there including about 30 others on Saturday night November 1st. That evening was filled with stories and sharing of memories of Nita. The highlight for me was when her 30-year-old stood up, choking up, and holding back tears, thanked his mom for not giving up on him during his “dark days.”

Brad and Nita have journeyed with Cindy and I in our marriage and family for 27 years. Brad used to be our pastor before we moved to Washington in 1990. They have been true friends through the mountaintops and valleys of our marriage and the raising of our four children into adulthood.

That moment at Sunset Beach last week I just felt an overwhelming gratitude that God has provided us friends to walk with on this family journey. Just like that amazing sunset we could view from Sunset Beach, a miracle that is often taken for granted, so can friends be. Family life is tough with many unexpected twists and turns. To have good friends to walk with can make all the difference in the world. They are miracles of kindness from the hand of God.

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