Thursday, September 29, 2005

Running On Empty!

I once knew a man who always wanted to see how far he could go with as little gas as possible. He loved to tell of his "adventures" that involved showing up on people's doorsteps with an empty gas can. He seemed to think it all a big adrenaline rush. But after awhile his "living life on the edge" antics became a bit tiresome and annoying for his family and friends.

How many of us men are "running on empty" in our family lives? Just as a car that is setting out on a long journey needs a full tank of gas, so we do as men need to keep our tanks full as we as we lead our families down the road of life.

More than any individual family member it is imperative that WE are filled up from an outside source. Jesus was filled with the awareness of His Father's love for Him before he washed the disciples' feet, and he served not out of compulsion but voluntarily, out of the overflow of knowing He was already loved.

Are you regularly being filled up with love from Another Dad, your heavenly Father? If not, the demands, the drains, the distractions of the family journey will have you soon "running on empty." The Father is patiently waiting to spend time with just you and Him. So how about it, Dad, if not for you, do it for your family!

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