Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ordinary Cop - Extraordinary Impact

As I continue with writing about “Glory in the Ordinary” I want to talk about a friend of mine who now is a police officer in Michigan. Stories like Kevin’s are a passion of mine to tell because I believe we are being sold the lie that if we stumble and fall in our Christian journey we are somehow out of the race. No way! That is a lie from the enemy of our souls. God will use our pain to fuel our passion. He will use the tests to become our testimony. As Erwin Lutzer said “We forget that God is a specialist; He is able to work our failures into His plans.” This is Kevin’s simple story:

Kevin was a young man that I met when I was a Navigator Rep in Hawaii. A Marine MP at the time Kevin gave his heart to the Lord after a fellow MP (Military Police), Rob, shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. Rob and I encouraged him in growing in his new faith until he left the Marine Corps.

As many who spend time in the service, Kevin struggled with making the transition from military to civilian life; however he did not lose his love for the Lord. Kevin met his first wife, and after going through an unexpected divorce, wandered away from his first love.

Having lived in the world for a while Kevin met his present wife and was married in his current church; however he was just going through the motions in his Christian faith.

Many years later Kevin was faced with the reality of death. Three close friends were diagnosed with cancer and Kevin’s conversations with them turned from talking about fishing and hunting to talking about God and family. It was at this time that he realized that his relationship with God was not right and he wasn't prepared to face his Maker.

Through months of asking God to search his heart and repenting of his waywardness, Kevin was restored in his relationship with God. After having studied the Word for several months he desired to make a difference for God.

Kevin struggled with his desire to serve the Lord as a full time police officer and with a crazy schedule he had a difficult time plugging into a ministry at church. It was at this time Kevin invited a few fellow police officers from his community to join him in a Bible study of the book of Ephesians.

At this same time Kevin struggled with the issue of trying to climb up the ladder at work (which would have hindered him in this new Bible study venture). Through time in prayer and study of God's Word he found a sense of peace, knowing that he was in God's will, to not pursue a promotion and stay right where he was. He continues his police officers’ Bible study with ten other men and is finding contentment in knowing that he is doing God's work right where he is.

His favorite verse has become Psalm 106:3 - Blessed are those who maintain justice, who constantly do what is right.” This verse reminds him that his police work of maintaining justice is part of God’s work, His glory on the earth.

A quote that he holds onto is "It is never too late to become who you might have become" George Elliot.

Glorying in the Ordinary,


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