Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A "God"incidence At The Redmond Gold’s Gym

One of the things that I have found as I have walked on the journey with my youngest son in his recovery from addiction is that God has been so gracious in reminding us that HE is in control, that HE has a plan, that HE has provided all that we need to “turn what the enemy has intended for evil, to use for good, for the saving of many lives” (paraphrase of Genesis 50:20).

There are many things that have happened these past two years that we could either say, “Wow, what a coincidence!” or we could say, “Hmmm, that is something only God could have orchestrated. Thank you, Father.” Thankfully, “most” of the time I have chosen the latter.

Jeremy lived in Dallas for about 5 months in a transitional living home, before he launched out on the Appalachian Trail. This was a place where he worked to help pay for his room and board and learn the life skills that would help him to be successful on the “one day at a time” path of sobriety.

I had heard that his roommate’s (a one out of 16 chance to be paired with him) parents “just happened” to lived in the Seattle area but honestly I made no effort to make contact with them. Here is where the “God”incidence part really comes in. I work out with a trainer at Gold’s Gym in Redmond where there are 25 trainers. Steve, (not his real name) the father of Jeremy’s roommate, who lives in a town outside of Redmond and works in Bellevue decided to take his wife’s training appointments at the Redmond Gym and whom does he get as his trainer? Yep! My trainer. A one out of 25 chance on that one. They get to talking and figure out that both of our sons were in Dallas and at the SAME transitional living facility.

I was convinced that Steve and I were supposed to meet and we did. We have since had several lunches and he has taught me much about recovery as he has walked his own recovery journey as well as with his son. He also sees his own need for more biblical understanding and is planning on joining a Bible reading group that I am a part of in Bellevue (near where he ”just happens to be working.”)

Why do I share this story? This is an example of seeing God show up where we would never expect. This spurs me on to continue to open my eyes to look out for more “glory in the ordinary.” The Father is ALWAYS at work! (John 5:17) It really takes more “faith” to believe that He ISN'T!

Thankful He is Sovereign,


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Jon Sween said...

Love hearing stories like this. Reminds me of my mission statement which I help discover and embrace how God is showing up in their life. You are a good storyteller