Monday, February 02, 2009

Fathers Be Good to Your Daughters

Last month I was involved in putting on the Seattle Father-Daughter Summit at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle. It was such a joy and privilege to do this with my two daughters, Heidi and Holly. They are 31 and 16 years old, our oldest and youngest daughters. It was so fun to work with them to help bring fathers and daughters closer together on that day.

Being a dad of a daughter is so different than being a dad to a son. It is so easy to think that my role in their lives is less important than the role I have in my son’s lives. But all the research tells me that we dads are greatly important in the lives of our daughters. I give them a sense of their value as women, I inspire confidence in them, and I model what a healthy, respectful relationship with the opposite sex should look like. I benefit them in so many ways and they enrich my life greatly as well!

One of the things I saw in the Summit is how hard we are on ourselves when it comes to being dads to daughters. I know I have felt lacking in that area. Young women are so hard to figure out and it is easy to feel like a failure. But the Summit reminded me of the value just my presence is in their lives—even when I don’t do things just right. They are ready and willing to give a lot of grace. I do make a positive difference in their lives often despite myself.

"Fathers be good to your daughters..." John Mayer


Tim Ryan said...

Very nice Jamie, I'm glad it went well!

Your friend...Tim

Joe said...

I have a daughter and I couldn't agree with you more. I am hard on myself anyway with being a dad. I always worry about that.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I've taken my daughter to Father-Daughter events in the past and it is always a positive relationship building time. I'm glad your event went well. These kind of things are so very important.
Good for you, Jamie, to make this happen.


herman belle said...

yes jamie i do agree spending quality time with your daughters is essentail important and helps build positive father daugther relationships so our daughters dont have to just rely on their mothers for everything, including someone to talk too.
i attend kick boxing with my daugter on a weekly basis and find we always have lotts to talk about.