Thursday, August 02, 2007

What Family Memories Have YOU Made This Summer?

This summer I have already had some special family moments. For example, in my June 23rd-July 2nd Northshore Baptist Church's father-son mission trip I took with my 22-year-old son Adam, I have the memory of baptizing him in Lake Nicaragua. We did this in front of the dads and sons from our church and from the village of Los Cedros who joined us for our father-son conference. This landmark event stands out in my mind as well as the humorous moment that occurred the night before when I had just finished my first talk to the fathers and sons through a translator. Seeking some feedback on the talk from Adam, he proceeded to give me SEVERAL suggestions. When I indicated to him that I thought he was being a little harsh in his critique of the first time I have ever spoken through a translator, he attempted to encourage me by saying, "That's okay, dad, I suck at public speaking too." Thanks, Adam, I feel much better now! So what about YOU? Can you recall a special family memory from your summer so far or maybe something funny that happened to your family? If not, then maybe you need to go out and make some!

Please leave some special stories about your summer? We as fathers need to hear how other fathers are spending time with family this summer.


Anonymous said...

I just returned from the "trip of a lifetime" with my family. 8,106 miles back and forth across this great country by mini van. It took almost seven weeks. In addition to seeing many things we had some wonderful family discussions. We had very little strife between us and I can tell you I feel very very lucky to have done this. I never thought something like this would be possible but I kept thinking about it for a couple of years and it came together. If you can create the opportunity to do something like this DON"T let it go by!


Anonymous said...

Our second grandson became an Eagle Scout this summer! He is the second of three to do so.

Anonymous said...

My lawyer son, about to turn 40, and I together built a loft-bed for my grandson. It was the first such project for David and me, as I was an absent-father for most of the years we might have done this previously. And so for almost 10 straight hours we worked together, laughed together, struggled with details together, shopped together and just really enjoyed each other's company. What a joy!

Don said...

My daughter has dreamed of being on "American Idol". This summer there were auditions in San Diego and I agreed to go with her to the audition. After spending 4 hours waiting in line to register, we came back two days later and sat for 13 hours waiting for her big chance. She didn't make it through to the next round, but something she said made the whole experience worthwhile. About 8 hours into the waiting game she patted me on the back and said, "Dad, thanks for being here with me and supporting my dream." That's all I needed to hear to make me realize how important a dad's support is when it comes to encouraging our kids to be dream-chasers.


Anonymous said...

We take a week each year at Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center. This year each of my children came away with change. My 11 year old son said that he felt that he drew closer to God and my 14 year old daughter has come away with a renewed commitment to reading the bible and being faithful in her devotions.

This week each year has been significant to our family development in that the family gets to hang together on the beach and in the rec room and there is great bible teaching for all. I highly recommend it.


Dave Elliott said...

One on One time with my grandson, Durban (age 11). Recently we were driving along the Yakima river stopping occassionally to fish. He had mentioned to his grandmother that he wanted to get baptised. So while we were driving I asked him about that and he said yes and after I asked what he thinks baptism is about, I realized he knows what he's doing. THEN, he says, "Papa, I want you to baptize me". I'm about to burst with gratitude and joy. The baptism will happen in Septemeber after he gets back from Kids Camp.

PS........and just last Sunday God let Durban catch his first Salmon right from the beach. We are really bonding these days.

Steve Chittenden said...

This summer I have made it very intentional to go outside and throw the football with my son every night. If I forget he will bring it up. Steve