Thursday, September 29, 2005

Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

There have been plenty of books on fathering written the last several years. Why did I decide to write another one with an accompanying small group discussion guide? With all of the books and studies I have seen out on the market I had yet to find a simple format provided for men to think and pray through, in community, the impact (both positive and negative) their fathers have had upon them.

What I believe is the most important impact a father has on his child is how his child, through his influence, will view the heavenly Father. Throughout every chapter of "Like Father, Like Son" I touch on this transference issue. The way of gaining a clearer picture of the heavenly Father is provided to every father on his own fathering journey through his walk with Christ. By becoming clearer picture of the heavenly Father to his own children he receives a clearer picture himself of the Father. Hence the subtitle of the book, "Rediscovering Sonship On The Fathering Journey."

Like Father, Like Son's two book set is designed to provide small group curriculum where the meat of the content is absorbed through the week's reading and response to the discussion guide's questions. This frees up the precious small group time together for the sharing of the dads are learning about themselves, their fathers, their children and most importantly the heavenly Father. You can get these books by clicking on the books images in the right hand side.

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